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Welcome to FiduciaryFirst, an independent, fee-only advisor dedicated to helping our clients build and manage highly effective retirement plans -
all while sharing the investment fiduciary responsibility associated with each plan to manage corporate and personal risk.  As retirement plan, investment, and compliance support specialists we understand the complexities and nuances of today’s safe harbor regulations. We combine the pursuit of plan success and our unparalleled fiduciary services to offer solid, well-planned strategies for organizations and their employees. And we apply the powerful concepts of behavioral finance to help every plan pursue high levels of retirement readiness.


We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about the services we provide. Should you have any questions or would like more information on our firm, please feel free to email  us or call us at 1-866-625-4611. We look forward to working with you. We are an independent firm with no obligation or alliance to any retirement plan provider.  




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This customized report includes a comprehensive evaluation of the plan to ensure that requirements and best practices of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) are met. The review will include an assessment of safe harbors including Reg. 404(c) and 404(c)5; QDIA compliance, plan administration, participant education, adequacy of the ERISA fidelity bond and fiduciary liability coverage, and benchmarking of plan fees, vendor revenue, as well as a 5 year pro forma cost containment illustration.



Plan Success Method

At FiduciaryFirst, our Plan Success Method includes a comprehensive approach to best practices we call Prudent Fiduciary Process and an exciting approach to participant success known as The Participant EffectSM.

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Prudent Fiduciary Process

Fiduciary and regulatory risk can expose you to personal liability, as well as threaten your balance sheet, your retirement plan, and the future of your business.

FiduciaryFirst works in concert with your retirement plan committee to deliver a unique and innovative fiduciary process designed expressly to mitigate liability while building a plan that benefits your employees and your business.  Our Prudent Fiduciary ProcessSM encompasses all major pension laws, trust statutes, and industry best practices, and provides an efficient and formalized methodology for fiduciary governance and due diligence.

By encompassing all major pension laws, trust statutes, and industry best practices, FiduciaryFirst’s Prudent Fiduciary ProcessSM provides an efficient and formalized fiduciary risk management and due diligence process. Additional services include executive benefits, plan conversion, merger & acquisition assistance, compliance assistance, and coordination with other third-party consultants.

We contractually serve as your ERISA 3(21) co-fiduciary or ERISA 3(38) primary fiduciary to mitigate risk while providing financial strength and professional liability coverage.

We help navigate and implement today’s complex safe harbor regulations to reduce personal and corporate liability, and we continuously review your plan documents and policy statements to help you ensure compliance.

We incorporate our proprietary behavioral finance strategies (The Participant EffectSM) and industry best practices to create a plan that addresses your organization’s unique needs, challenges, and preferences.

We leverage the knowledge and insights of nearly 40 analysts, our unique 12-point scoring system, and a proactive investment strategy to provide an optimal solution that features no conflicts of interest, consistence with the required level of prudence, and highly innovative Investment Policy Statements.

We use participant-focused education tools in conjunction with The Participant EffectSM to guide your employees toward better, more informed decisions that help them pursue their retirement goals.

We help manage your personal and corporate fiduciary risk using a process that enables you to maintain compliant documentation stored in a secure Client LockBox with encrypted access to our servers. ??

We work directly with recordkeeping and investment manager vendors on your behalf and provide unbiased guidance on operational and cost efficiency, plan design, and compliance. ??

We review, benchmark, and present to your committee all plan fees and revenue and we negotiate plan costs on your committee’s behalf.

We help you document, maintain, and continuously review all applicable bonding and fiduciary insurance coverage. 


Financial Wellness

The Participant EffectSM is a guidance based, beginning to end retirement solution to help your employees create confidence in your financial life.  Our goal is to help your employees reach a successful and financially secure retirement by becoming financial well.  

How does it work?

Financial Wellness Assessment: The Participant EffectSM program begins with an online Wellness Assessment. This brief survey will ask your employees general questions regarding their financial history to get a gauge of their overall financial wellness. Upon completion, they will be provided with their Financial Wellness Score and a customized action plan based on their individual needs and goals.

Group Education Workshops: The Participant EffectSM will analyze the wellness assessment results from your employees. Based on the aggregate responses, we will hold in person and web based education workshops covering a wide range of topics including but not limited to: college planning, investment basics, how to manage debt, planning to buy a home, etc.

One-on-One Meetings: The Participant EffectSM also offers one-on-one meetings with financial advisors. These meetings may be in person, via webinar or conference call. Our financial advisors are available to your employees on an ongoing basis, not just for a one-time meeting. And, these meetings are intended to go beyond the scope of your company sponsored retirement plan – our advisors are happy to speak with your employees about all of their financial needs and goals, they are even welcome to bring your spouse to meetings!

If you’d like more information, please contact The Participant EffectSM at 888-968-9168 or wellness@theparticipanteffect.com  

Plan Success Method

Of course, all Employers want their plan to be a success. Using the Plan Success Method, our advisors serve as your proactive fiduciary, working with your management team to carefully:

  • Utilize Prudent Fiduciary Process to lead robust and well-documented best practices
  • Establish plan goals and a definition for success
  • Measure plan performance against goals and benchmarks using a calendar and detailed long-term strategy
  • Utilize The Participant EffectSM (TPE) Financial Wellness Program to drive participant success
  • Develop a well-defined and consistent process
  • Continuously document processes and store all plan best practices in our server-based proprietary Client LockBox
  • Structure processes, contracts, documents, and safe harbor regulatory opportunities to mitigate personal and corporate liability
  • Follow all known DOL and IRS regulations

Not only do all governmental and qualified plans require fiduciary oversight, but employers are responsible for demonstrating their fiduciary due diligence. Since the primary reason for Department of Labor (DOL) scrutiny or litigation involving retirement plans is either lack of consistency or outright lack of process, the opportunity for plan sponsors is to put in place a consistent process that mitigates risk and maximizes benefits to both their organization and plan participants.

FiduciaryFirst's Plan Success Method has helped organizations across the country to do just that by leveraging best practices and carefully considering the many components that drive participant success while significantly reducing risk to the organization.

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Financial Wellness 

See how we get your employees excited about retirement!


What Is The Participant Effect?

The Participant EffectSM is a guidance based, beginning to end retirement method to help create confidence in an employees financial life. Together with your employes, our goal is to help everyone pursue financial well-being in retirement.

Why Is This Important To Me?

Retirement may seem like an elusive dream that your employees don’t believe they'll ever reach. Or maybe they think that because of their age, they don’t need to start saving now. The Participant EffectSM is here to tell them that they CAN achieve their retirement goals and it’s NEVER too early or too late to start.

See A Wellness Assessment

Our Financial Advisors provide employees with the information and guidance they need to pursue financial independence. Feedback from our financial wellness assessments help guide the types of workshops offered to your employees.  


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